Patrick, software provider, would like to have a SaaS (Software as a Service) offer. But redeveloping his applications is complicated, takes time and new investment.

However, he knows that a SaaS will increase the value of his applications and will guarantee the future of his company.

With DAC and its patented technology, Patrick can immediately have a SaaS offer that is optimised for his applications and needs, without requiring any specific technical competence and any initial investment.

Patrick is happy with his fast and simple digital transformation: his applications are now cloud compatible and available to all his clients, by using only a web browser on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.


All your legacy and traditional applications can be upgraded into new profit sources thanks to DAC. You can create a unitary management of heterogeneous environments.


Thanks to the HTML5 technologies, the user can access all the applications in mobility, without any restriction. Benefit from the BYOD advantages and increase your productivity.


Our platform matches your cloud expectancies, regardless of its type (public, private or hybrid). You are free in your technical choices and in the optimization of your infrastructure cost.


Enrich your user experience with the multi-terminal offer. Facilitate the seamless terminal transition and ensure interface homogeneity.


Our solution offers several levels of security, although your applications were not initial designed to this purpose. You can customize the access and usage rights for your clients and data.


Adaptation and personalization of the application content and of the interactions in the context of multi-device mobile usage.


Example of instantiation of DAC

Modular structure

DAC has modular structure that can be easy integrated into existing frameworks. It is structured on two layers: 1) Web Server - web proxy for users access and redirection towards their applications; 2) Application Server - Windows or Linux servers where the applications are installed and running.

Active Directory

With a direct connection to your Active Directory, managing the users is simple and direct, you can keep your existing users directory without having any conflict with the integration of DAC.


DAC can use your already existing storage platform, private or public. With a simple click you can enable or disable file exchange to your customers/users.


Ask for tests, demos and in less then 24 hours, you can enjoy your legacy applications on any device.